I perform a full service every visit and do not cut corners. Every Full Service Visit includes:

Water Analysis- test chlorine levels, pH & total alkalinity. I use liquid test kits, not strips which are often show less than accurate results. Improper levels of any of these 3 can cause harm to you and your family and damage your pool and/or equipment.

Adjusting The Water With Appropriate Chemicals- adding chlorine, muriatic acid, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, etc.

Emptying Baskets- skimmer & pump baskets as needed.

Cleaning Your Pool- brushing, netting, vacuuming (whatever is needed to get your pool clean).

Inspect Your Equipment- look for leaks, check filter pressure, listen to pump, verify sweeper functioning properly, etc.

After each service is complete I will send you an email notification with a list of everything that was done at the time of service.
Weekly Pool Service Details
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